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Photo by Cathryn Farnsworth


"Your Own Personal Tour Guide" by Dan McCabe

7x7 short play, Feb. 29 to Mar. 3 at The Tank.

"Jen Knows" by Sam Walsh

Play reading at the Rough Draft Festival at LPAC.


Travels With My Aunt at Keen Company:

“... the cast of four takes on a multitude of roles... it blends virtuosity with modesty... They're all winningly adroit.

— Ben Brantley, The New York Times

The Old Masters at The Flea:

“In the central role of Sam Marks’s sharply detailed play, Ben (Rory Kulz) undergoes an amazing onstage transformation... morphs before our eyes into a scheming, sweating art monster.”

The New Yorker

“Mr. Kulz makes an effectively creepy Ben, whose existential freakout he brings to a ferocious peak.”

Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

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