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Eric Stroud and Rory Kulz are a writing duo who met in acting school in London (LAMDA). They bonded as out-of-place Americans who took a risk and left their country and careers. Now, they write stories about people determined to carve out new lives like they did. Their comedy is informed by their mutual escape of conservative upbringings: Eric was raised by a single mother in Mormonism, Rory by Vegas gamblers and right-wing radio.

Black Mormon (half-hour dramatic comedy)

When a repressed, mixed-race Mormon is promoted to head the Church’s Black outreach, his racial awakening provokes him to live without inhibition, fraying his relationships with his family, his work, and his God.

* ScreenCraft Comedy Competition - Grand Prize Winner

* Coverfly Red List / Top 1%

Hella Famous (half-hour comedy, in development)

The star of a Buffy-like TV show, forever hounded for a public breakdown, is forced to confront her demons when she inadvertently opens a portal to Hell.


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