Half In / Half Out (half-hour comedy)

written with Eric Stroud

A repressed, biracial Mormon leaves his wife, religion, and home in white-bread Utah to build a new life in Los Angeles, surrounded by other misfits.

* Sundance Episodic Lab - First Round Selection

* TrackingB TV Script Contest - Finalist (Top 5 Scripts)

* CineStory TV Contest - Semifinalist

* ScreenCraft Pilot Launch - Semifinalist

* ScreenCraft Comedy Competition - Semifinalist

* BlueCat Screenplay Competition - Semifinalist

Rogues Gallery (half-hour comedy)

written with Matt Michaud

Marcus is a lawyer who represents criminals with superpowers. Unbeknownst to him, his journalist fiancée Sarah is also the city's biggest superhero. The Marvel Universe meets Arrested Development.

* Slamdance - Quarterfinalist, Original Teleplay

* ReelHeART International Film Festival - Winner, Best TV Pilot

* Creative World Awards - Finalist, Television Original Sitcom

Friends to the End (half-hour comedy)

written with Alan Starzinski

Tasha and Lucy are best friends who survived not just one apocalypse, but all of them (the zombie, robot, alien, and biblical apocalypses all happened at the same time). These two ladies are trying to make it while maintaining some sort of normalcy, fighting off their figurative and literal demons.